Have you considered what you are buying?

Consider your contractor. Does the contractor carry liability insurance and worker’s compensation on employees? This protects you, the customer, as well.

Part of our job is to provide our customers with the highest quality of material and work to make sure the job gets done to your satisfaction. Knowing what to buy is just the beginning.

We are here to help educate you about the importance of your selection. Not knowing what to buy can lead to the risk of your gate or fence building up moisture.  Therefor causing it to rust from the inside out, all within a matter of a few years.

You run the risk of a post swaying and ruining the “new gate/new fence” look.

Having a post stay plumb is the most critical point on a gate installation! When a post moves to much, a customer ends up with a “dragging” gate. At this point, operators just won’t continue to work.  How much extra will the cost of repair be? 

Without the high quality paint we use, you will most likely have a quicker reaction time of fading, peeling, or cracking paint.

Rusting Tubing

This is a picture of a steel gate built almost ten years ago.  The excerpt shows the “split” tubing that was caused by moisture collecting on the inside and having no way to drain out and freezing. As a fabricator, I learned from my mistakes, and now vent all critical points. This can happen to stair railings, gates and fences.

Rusting Tubing

This is a picture [six years later] of a fence built in the early 80’s. This was a thin rail, capped on both ends. In no time, it rusted from the inside out. Now, we know what caused this and have since then fixed and improved techniques to decrease corrosion.

Hinge Plates for Stone or Brick Columns

This is something that should be avoided. Hinge plates for a gate in a stone or brick column. As the gate swings, the relocated weight and vibration over time will cause the column to crack. There is no way to repair/re-plumb the steel support post on the inside. Also the hinges are “upside down”, this lets water stand in the hinge thus “rust & pre-mature failure”.

How To Fix This: Instead of connecting the gate to the column, it is better to have exposed post with it’s own underground footings.

Bad Foundations

If this brick column had a “good” footing it would not be leaning & separating from the fence. Imagine how expensive it will be to correct this correctly!